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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and say hello! If you are coming here from my Instagram account (@xariaandco) you may know me a little and if not, hi!

I'm Morgan. I'm the designer and owner of Xaria&Co. But before all of that, I am a wife and mother. I have been married to my high school crush for almost 8 years and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. Xander is 3, Aria is 2, and Remi is 6 months. We have lived in Melbourne Florida for about 5 years now and love it here.

I began sewing when I was very young. My mom taught me the basics on her old Kenmore machine that she bought for herself when she was 16. I started making myself and my dolls matching skirts and even some dresses with a little assistance. I have always had a love for anything creative. I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't into some kind of craft project. Through the years I enjoyed painting, sketching, scrapbooking, card making, photography, and any DIY possible. But once I found out I was expecting our first daughter I had an intense desire to start making her some clothes that were unique and special. I needed options outside the big box stores! Soon after Aria was born, we decided that I should quit my job and stay home with the kids. I have never been able to sit still for very long....I get antsy and stir crazy with "nothing" to do. So, I took another plunge and started selling my handmade clothing online. Fast forward another year and a half and Xaria&Co is my full-time passion. I've added some adorable styles this year and I have so many incredible new designs in the works!

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